Managing Morning Sickness book coverManaging Morning Sickness
If you are like most pregnant women who are getting morning sick, by now you are “sick of it!” You are not having that “fun” pregnancy you dreamed about. Add to that, it could be a week or more before you see your doctor. You are tired of the receptionist’s advise to “eat one more cracker!” Your productivity at home and work has gone downhill — and your scale seems to be going in the wrong direction. You are worried about you . . . and your baby. You are wondering what to do next . . .
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Our Mission
Approximately two-thirds of all pregnant women experience some form of morning sickness either at the beginning or throughout the duration of their pregnancy. Our goal is to introduce lifestyle modifications and increase nutrition awareness to help reduce morning sickness during your pregnancy. We will teach you the basics and the fine points of dealing with morning sickness to manage your pregnancy before your morning sickness develops into a condition.

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